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  • Perspective in Observational Sketching

    I wrote about a brief history of perspective drawing in my blog a few months ago. In this article I would like to talk about how important it is to practice perspective drawing for people who are interested in developing their observational sketching skills as well as a Plein Air painting. Using perspective is the […]

  • The necessity of a sketchbook

    A sketchbook is an integral part of art, architecture, and other creative fields. If one aims to improve upon their own work, constant drawing is a must. A sketchbook is a testing ground of ideas and a playground for drawing exercises. It helps keep track of our own thoughts and provides a reflection of the […]

  • Freehand Drawing: One-Point Perspective

  • Eye, Mind and Hand:

    The ability to sketch not only facilitates your architectural design skills but also helps make our thoughts visible. The visibility of your design thinking via sketching allows you to reveal and speculate your ideas. Freehand drawing demands an active apprehension of mental images. The simple act of drawing requires a collaboration between the eye, hand, […]

  • Freehand Drawing:The timeless tool in architecture

    Freehand Drawing:The timeless tool in architecture

    I entered architecture school at the end of 20th century. At that time, computational tools began to appear in the architecture realm in both practice and academia. Autodesk AutoCad was perhaps the most dominate tool at that moment. The fundamental method of drawing in AutoCad does not change much compared to Alberti‚Äôs method of architectural […]

  • One – Point Perspective

    Being able to draw a perspective drawing is one of most important skill for people who engage in drawing as part of everyday life. Particularly for observational sketching, a perspective drawing plays a significant role when one wants to convey the scene to represent depth in drawing. There are several types of perspective: one-point, two-point […]