With my background in architecture, I strive to convey the spirit of architecture, cities, and places through light. Light reveals space, form, texture, material and time. By studying these subjects at different times of the day and seasons, I try to capture this intersection between them. I am interested in the emotional and provocative reactions to space, place and moment.  Finally, seeking to know light and simplicity is what I’m working on. I use sketching and painting as a travelogue and believe that each place contains its own story to share.

Otto (Adulsak Chanyakorn) is an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture, Kansas State University. He teaches design studio and digital courses. He is the 2020 winner of the Gabriel Prize, which is awarded by the Western European Architecture Foundation. Before joining Kansas State University in 2019, Otto taught a variety of courses at the School of Architecture at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale for 6 years. His current focus is in building a circularity in design thinking in visual communication and representation between digital and analog methods to enhance architectural design outcomes. Otto is passionate in architectural design and visual communication. With an active role as a dedicated educator and designer, he dedicates this website to his on-going interest in visual communication in architecture.