Eye, Mind and Hand:

The ability to sketch not only facilitates your architectural design skills but also helps make our thoughts visible. The visibility of your design thinking via sketching allows you to reveal and speculate your ideas. Freehand drawing demands an active apprehension of mental images. The simple act of drawing requires a collaboration between the eye, hand, and mind and intertwines production and reception of an image. The hand produces while the mind and eyes receive the image and create feedback. With time, a seamless connection of hand, eye, and mind emerges. Just like practicing guitar, practicing sketching strengthens an unconscious collaboration of the mind, eye and hand.

As an active practitioner of freehand drawing, the ability to directly transform ideas and thoughts into visual information is important for me during the process of design and thinking. Sketching by hand allows me to think in feedback loops of ideas and explorations. This ability is lost when using computational tools because important thoughts may be overlooked while transferring ideas. The profound link of these three elements is critical in design thinking. Therefore continuing to strengthen this connection is essential and relevant, particularly in the digital era.