Why Travel

If one sees learning architecture as a distant journey, travel is a key ingredient of this journey. Travel in this sense is not a vacation, but rather a journey to experiencing the world and building up our design repertoire.  Drawing and writing perhaps might be media to reflect our exploration and to imprint our architectural experience into our own memory. Travel is a way to school ourselves after school years. If a desire to learn is infinite, the world is wonderful place for this exploration.  Besides practicing and reading, traveling and sketching can be a way to experience the world of architecture. It is a means of immersing ourselves in a place and experiencing the very moment with all of our senses. One example from my own life is hearing a bell sound from a cathedral while rapt in deep concentration, striving to capture the last beautiful sunray that bathes the building surface via watercolor sketching. This is the kind of experience that will be engrained to our lasting memory, and this very vivid moment worthy of our time can be recalled in the future.