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  • Perspective in Observational Sketching

    I wrote about a brief history of perspective drawing in my blog a few months ago. In this article I would like to talk about how important it is to practice perspective drawing for people who are interested in developing their observational sketching skills as well as a Plein Air painting. Using perspective is the […]

  • The necessity of a sketchbook

    A sketchbook is an integral part of art, architecture, and other creative fields. If one aims to improve upon their own work, constant drawing is a must. A sketchbook is a testing ground of ideas and a playground for drawing exercises. It helps keep track of our own thoughts and provides a reflection of the […]

  • One point perspective sketch No.2

    One point perspective sketch No.2

    I posted the first version of how to make a quick sketch of one point perspective a few months ago. I want to resurface this topic to help people who are interested to practice observational drawings with one point perspective. I created a motion image that may help to understand how to construct this drawing […]

  • One – Point Perspective

    Being able to draw a perspective drawing is one of most important skill for people who engage in drawing as part of everyday life. Particularly for observational sketching, a perspective drawing plays a significant role when one wants to convey the scene to represent depth in drawing. There are several types of perspective: one-point, two-point […]