A mental Image

An architecture idea begins with a mental image.  To materialize a mental image is to draw. Drawing is a process of forming a mental image to embody thoughts as a way of communication to oneself and others. Daily ritual of practice is crucial to strengthen this ability. The more one practice the better one will be able to do so. Learning to see via drawing is an important step to master this ability. As Kimon Nicolaaides mentioned “learning to draw is a matter of learning to see”. It is a process to foster one’s ability of seeing beyond a superficial way of looking with the eye. Practicing drawing is slow and requires a lot of patient. If one does not lose sight of focus, one may be able to do so.  A true observation utilizes various senses through the eye at one time.

“The tactile, kinesthetic nature of drawing in direct response to sensory phenomena sharpen our awareness in the present, expand our visual memories of the past, and stimulates the imagination in designing the future” Francis D.K. Ching